Manchester Raspberry Jam

for Digital Makers

About Us

Manchester Raspberry Jam is a Raspberry Pi user group, held monthly in MMU’s The Shed in central Manchester.

Through our event, we hope to share the excitement of computing with the programmers, engineers and makers of the future.

Attendees at Manchester Raspberry Jam 33

Supporters of Manchester Raspberry Jam

The following organisations are currently or have previously helped support Manchester Raspberry Jam.

Madlab logo

Madlab is a community space for creative makers, hackers, programmers, scientists and artists.

Digital Innovation is a new initiative from MMU, situated in a refurbished engineering shed on the MMU city centre campus.

Pimoroni logo

Pimoroni are a company of makers and educators based in Sheffield, UK. Creators of the Pibow case for Raspberry Pi and the UK’s largest Adafruit reseller.

Bytemark logo

Bytemark offers a variety of hosting solutions. Located in Manchester and York.