Manchester Raspberry Jam

for Digital Makers

Upcoming Event: December 2017

Our December event was at The Shed on Saturday 9th December.
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Free entry for the Christmas Show and Tell

As always, our show and tell will be free entry. If you or anybody you know would like to come along to have a look at what we do, please feel free – no ticket required!

If you want to participate in any of the events (including the raffle) or stick around for lunchtime food, please book a ticket in advance! As always, tickets are free for under-16s.

Activities for December 2017

Our December Jam has traditionally been a bit different – this year is no exception.

Christmas Show and Tell

Through the day members of Manchester Raspberry Jam will be showing off their projects. Some finished, others still in development. We will also have a range of Pi based games to have a bit of fun with!

Workshop: “Twinkle Twinkle Little LED”

This workshop will show you the way to connect and program some of the more popular LED modules and strips. On the Raspberry Pi we will be looking further at the sense hat and also some of the LED Matrix displays.

Codebug is brilliant for standalone decorations and Andrew Robinson its creator will be showing you how:

“Get crafty to create digital decorations with a difference —I’ll be creating interactive decorations that light up, flash and play a festive tune.”


Our famous, or should that be infamous, Christmas raffle will take place at 3:00pm with some fantastic prizes donated by the Pi Maker community. Don’t forget – you need to be in it to win it! So bring a few spare pounds.


The ‘mandatory’ maker Pizza will be supplemented by additional festive treats. Nom nom nom…


  • 10:00 – Doors open
  • 10:30 – Introduction
  • 11:00 – Workshop
  • 13:00 – Lunch
  • 14:00 – Workshop (continued)
  • 16:00 – Event ends
  • All Day – Show and Tell