Thu 28 April, 2016

11th June – Show and Tell – Demonstration sign-ups

Manchester is the European City of Science 2016 – recognition of its unique scientific heritage and contribution to scientific discovery, innovation, and industry.

Local groups and societies are being encouraged to get involved and as part of our contribution, we are planning a mega “Show & Tell” for our next Jam. The intention is to invite the Manchester community to the event so they can see what the “Maker Scene” looks like and hopefully encourage some of them to get involved.

There is more information on ECoS2016 here: with details of some of the fantastic events already arranged.

We are looking to you, our members, to help make this a reality by coming along and showing off your projects. They don’t have to be big and flashy just something you are proud of. In many cases, people relate best to the simple inventive things so these are going to be really important to the story.

All we need to know is:

You can bring (or offer to bring) more than one thing that’s absolutely brilliant, but we will have to see how the space goes as we allocate it.

If you can respond with this information on an email to: that would be fantastic – ideally before the 6th May. If you cannot make it for the whole Jam it doesn’t matter – just let us know what you can do.

We will keep everyone up to speed with plans once you have registered your interest by email.

Equally, if you don’t want to do a “Show & Tell” – don’t feel excluded, we are running a normal Jam (with the usual Pizza trimmings) in the area we normally use for workshops. Just make sure you sign up for a normal Jam ticket on Eventbrite once they’re available.


Tue 19 April, 2016

June 2016 – Show and Tell

On Saturday 11th June, Manchester Raspberry Jam is hosting a Raspberry Pi show and tell.

Manchester is the European City of Science 2016 in recognition of its unique scientific heritage and contribution to scientific discovery, innovation, and industry.

As part of this on-going heritage, Manchester was the first city to establish a “Raspberry Jam”. It’s called a Raspberry Jam as it grew up from the interest in the diminutive $35 Raspberry Pi Computer that has now become the best-selling UK designed computer with over 8 Million in the hands of users worldwide.

The Jam provides a forum to share knowledge, learn new things, meet other digital making enthusiasts and importantly show off your amazing creations. Our members vary in age from real youngsters getting their first taste of digital making to old hands willing share their years of experience. The creativity and enthusiasm of our “Jammers” is hard to describe in words so we encourage you to come along to our “Show & Tell” and see what it’s all about.

At this event we will be showcasing projects build by our Jammers and the wider community including;

Robot obstacle course racing!

Robot obstacle course racing at the last Jam!

Sun 21 February, 2016

February 2016 – Manchester Raspberry Jam 35

Our February Jam was at The Shed on Saturday 13th February 2016
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Mon 19 October, 2015

December 2015 – Manchester Raspberry Jam 34

Our December Jam was at The Shed on Saturday 12th December
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Thu 10 September, 2015

October 2015 – Manchester Raspberry Jam 33

Our October Jam was at The Shed on Saturday 17th October
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Wokshop at McrRaspJam33

Thu 10 September, 2015

Schedule change & Workshop Materials

Upcoming Manchester Raspberry Jam events will now be occurring every other month. As before, the provisional date of each event will be the second Saturday of each scheduled month.

Following the success of other Raspberry Jam events with a less frequent schedule, such as Cambridge Raspberry Jam, we have decided to trial a bi-monthly schedule, with events held every other month. Our goal is to have several different activities and workshops at each event in the near future.


Mon 27 July, 2015

August 2015 – Manchester Raspberry Jam 32

Our next Jam is at The Shed on Saturday 8th August
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Sun 21 June, 2015

July 2015 – Manchester Raspberry Jam 31

Our next Jam is at The Shed on Saturday 11th July
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Fri 22 May, 2015

June 2015 – Manchester Raspberry Jam 30

Our June Jam was at The Shed on Saturday 20th June
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Workshop at Jam 31

Mon 20 April, 2015

May 2015: Manchester Raspberry Jam 29

Our May Jam was at The Shed on Saturday 16th May
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Activities from May 2015

these activities run in addition to the regularly scheduled activities in the new section

Minecraft workshop

Get set up taking photos with the Pis camera module, then learn how to do some image editing in python

Materials for the workshops can be found at