Manchester Raspberry Jam

for Digital Makers

Upcoming Event: September 2017

Manchester Raspberry Jam will return from the summer holidays for our September Jam, at The Shed on Saturday 9th September.
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Activities for September 2017

To be announced


To be announced, the standard schedule is as follows:

  • 10:00 – Doors open
  • 10:30 – Introduction
  • 11:00 – Workshop
  • 13:00 – Lunch
  • 14:00 – Workshop (continued)
  • 16:00 – Event ends

Summer Holidays

Manchester Raspberry Jam is going on summer holiday, and will not be running in July or August. Our next event will be on Saturday 9th September, the details of which can be found here.

Upcoming event: May 2017

Our May Jam will be at The Shed on Saturday 13th May.

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attendees at Manchester Raspberry Jam

Activities for May 2017

Workshop: Sense HAT

Elaine Duffin from MMU will be delivering a guest workshop covering a variety of Sense HAT projects.

Continuing on from the Sense HAT portion of the workshop in March, learn how to write programs making use of the various input sensors and LED outputs.

This workshop is suitable for anybody, and will cover all the basics of the Sense HAT.

All-day Activity: The Pi Clinic

Pete will once again be running the Pi clinic throughout the day.

Getting started with your Raspberry Pi? Or perhaps you’re stuck on a project, or just have a crazy idea and no idea how to make it a reality?

Bring your Pi, your projects or your ideas along to the Pi Clinic and we’ll do our best to get you moving in the right direction.


The event starts at 10:30am.

  • 10:00 – Doors open
  • 10:30 – Workshop
  • 13:00 – Lunch
  • 14:00 – Activity
  • 17:00 – Event ends

Workshop 12 Extension

Workshop 12 extension PDF

Start with a command-line version of Raspbian, and learn how to install a GUI of your choice.

If you attended Workshop 12 on the Linux command line, and would like to have a go at a hands-on activity, this exercise will teach you to create your own personalised version of Raspbian.

Follows on from Workshop 12

Workshop 13: Objects

Workshop 13 looks at how object-oriented programming works, and how it differs to traditional programming.

Object-oriented programming is a different way to represent complex concepts than the traditional programming methods. We’ll take a look at what objects are using the Java programming language. Then, we’ll use objects to create characters for a computerised tabletop role-playing game.

This is an intermediate workshop, that builds upon a familiar knowledge of a text-based programming language like Python.

Workshop 12: The Linux Command Line

Workshop 12 PDF

Workshop 12 teaches the very basics of using the Linux Command Line Interface. (CLI)

On a Linux computer the desktop only scratches the surface of the programs and functionality available. Linux users often access these additional features through a terminal window, using the Command Line Interface (CLI), a non-graphical user interface.

For many tasks, creative use of command-line commands is much faster than their GUI counterparts, especially in bulk tasks. We’ll only be able to take a look at the very basics today, but Linux geeks swear by the fact that each new trick they learn in the CLI allows them to save a little more time when using their computer.

This is an introductory workshop. Once you’re familiar with using your Pi on the desktop, you should be ready to attempt this workshop.